Planning an Organic Christmas

Christmas should be about the good things in life. So why spoil it with industrialised, processed rubbish?

Organic Christmas Decorations

These are simle. Decorate with Pine Cones, beeswax candles, Fresh Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe. Use off-cuts of fir trees and dried slices of oranges. Recycled paper decorations are also great.

An old magazine can be turned into a beautiful paper chain. The secret is to group colours carefully. Even newspaper can be good for paperchains, although pulling off plain black and white print as a design style takes a true artist.

Organic Christmas Dinner

Supermarkets do their best organic business over Christmas, so look out in your local stores. However, why not find smaller local organic producers and treat yourself and family to something special this Christmas. We visited a Goose farm where the birds are treated wonderfully well throughout their lives and have a free range lifestyle. Organic food suplements what they forage and the result is the best tasting bird we ever ate.

Christmas Cake, Christmas pudding and even Brandy Butter are all available in organic versions. Why would you choose anything else?

Organic Christmas Presents

This is the time to search the web looking for interesting gifts. A good tip is the Oxfam website where they have lots of really cool, non-mass produced ethnic gifts that make a real difference to the lives of the women and men around the world who are keeping rural crafts alive.

Merry Christmas everyone.