Keeping a tidy allottment

Allotment holders have the advantages of neighbours who are keen gardeners. However, that does add a bit of pressure regarding keeping the place looking ship shape.

However, by edging your plots you can easily keep your allotment looking spick and span.

Standard wooden palettes are 4 foot in length, which is the perfect width for a veg plot, so head down to your local garden centre and ask if they have free palettes. Take one away and break it down into its constituents. Now take them to the alootment and make a simple box 4ft by 8ft and just one plank width high.

The box is made by nailing the planks to wooden corner blocks (either salvaged from the palette or from scrap 4×4 posts.

Two straight rows of these plot boxes with a central aisle and 2 foot of space between each will give you a neat plot. The advantage is that it will be easy to keep the grass under control and weeding will also be easier as you will never step directly on your plots so the earth will not get compacted.