Jobs for the garden in October

October really heralds the start of Autumn.  Leaves are starting to take on their beautiful Autumnal hues, beds and borders are slowly starting to lose the showy blooms of Summer, and everywhere you can see the garden starting to slow down and get ready for Winter.

In preparation for the Winter months here are just a few tasks to be getting on with this month.

1.  Rake up and compost falling leaves.  Not only will this leave your garden looking tidy, but you will also be giving your compost a good boost.

2.  Cut down annuals and add them to the compost.

3.  Pot up tender perennials and bring them into the green house or cold frame for over-wintering.

4.  Plant out spring bedding in your borders or pots.

5.  Prune rambling and climbing roses and tie in new stems.

6.  Start planting Spring bulbs in beds and borders.  Or, layer bulbs in pots for a stunning Spring display.  Deep plant daffodils or tulips, cover with a layer of compost and then add a shallower layer of crocus.

7.  Protect tender plants staying out in the borders with a layer of mulch around the crown.

8.  When you have finished in the border give it a light forking and then rake over to remove excess debris.

9.  Place your order for fruit trees and bushes ready for planting out from late Autumn.

10.  Keep harvesting the last of any fruit, rake up and compost any windfalls.

11.  Prune back autumn fruiting raspberries and blackberries.  Take the raspberry canes right back to ground level.  For blackberries, take out the stems that have produced fruit this year and tie in the new growth.

12.  Prune out any suckers that have appeared around the base of ornamental trees.

13.  Collect and store watering equipment in the greenhouse or shed.

14.  Insulate outside taps and pipes with bubble wrap.

15.  Protect glazed pots from cold weather with insulation or bring into the shed or greenhouse.