Gardening Safety

Gardens and allottments are pretty benign environments, but some safety precautions are necessary to keep healthy in the garden.

Firstly, always wash your hands after gardening. There are microbes and chemicals in the soil and through the chances of catching anything are very tiny indeed, why take the risk?

Wear the right clothing. Boots that will stand up to a dropped pair of shears are a good idea. Gardening gloves keep thorns and splinters at bay.  A sun hat is a necessity for much of the year. In winter keep warm and you will enjoy the garden all the more.

If the shed is old there may be some really nasty old chemicals in bottles and cans. Do be careful with these and dispose of them safely (not down the drain) because they may harm other people if just thrown away without thought.

I was sitting beneath an apple tree thinking about my next blog post for theorganicgarden website when I thought of this safety idea. I promptly stood up and scratched my cheek on a branch. Oh well, on with the digging.