Organic Box Schemes

I’ve been using organic box schemes for the past couple of years and find them invaluable for the following reasons:

Convenience of organic box schemes

Their home delivery system saves me the time and hassle of having to make the trip to the supermarket. Many organic box schemes are expanding their ranges so it’s no longer just fruit and vegetables they supply, but also many other kitchen and household essentials. My last box contained fresh bread, organic chicken and products from the Ecover cleaning range.

What’s also handy, is that if you’re out they will normally arrange to leave your box in a pre-agreed place.

Better tasting organic produce

Organic produce tastes better as it has been left to grow and ripen naturally, allowing flavours the time and respect to develop properly. Fruit and vegetables are also taken from the fields and delivered to you within a couple of days, giving you the just picked taste.

Seasonal organic produce

Organic box suppliers will not force their produce to grow outside of its natural cycle. You can enjoy your organic produce at the time when it’s at its best.

Expands your culinary skills and tastes

One of the great things about box schemes is that you are introduced to some new produce that you might not have tried before. Most organic box schemes will also provide you with recipes that use the contents of that weeks box.

Cost of organic box schemes

I have found that the amount and quality of the produce supplied in an organic box is much better value than shopping for the same items in your local supermarket. Along with this you’re saving money on the trips you’re not making to the shops.

Reduced environmental impact of organic box schemes

A high percentage of the produce in box schemes is grown and sourced from the UK, which significantly reduces their carbon footprint. Most box schemes will tell you where each item is produced as they pride themselves on minimising environmental impact.

Another really great thing about box schemes is the reduction in the amount of packaging used. Fruit and vegetables are normally placed loose in the box. Any packaging that is used is normally recyclable or can go on your compost heap.

The boxes are also collected at you next delivery for re-use.

With so many good reasons for trying an organic box scheme why not sign up now and try out one of the many schemes available throughout the UK.

Cleaning without Chemicals

Every day we bombard our homes with an assortment of chemicals and toxins in the endless quest for a spotless house. Whilst giving our homes the sparkle we’re after these chemicals have a less than beneficial effect on our health. Studies have found links between chemicals used in cleaning products and an increase in allergies, asthma and eczema.

We aren’t the only ones to suffer from these chemicals. The manufacture and disposal of these chemical goods have a damaging effect to the environment and fragile eco-systems.

So, what are the alternatives? Is it possible to achieve a clean and healthy home without using chemical laden cleaning products?

Thankfully, yes it is. It’s encouraging to see that there is an increase in chemical free cleaning products available. As well as a move towards resurrecting some of the classic cleaning remedies used way before modern day cleaning products were readily available.

To help you get started here are a few of our favourite suppliers of chemical free cleaning products:

Allergy Matters was founded in 2001 and is the number 1 resource for allergies. They promote good health to allergy sufferers through their knowledge and up-to-date information, advice and recommended products.

Natural Collection offers a wide selection of ecologically considered products and services. They are the UK’s leading non-food ecological retailer and are the official catalogue for Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Trees for Life, Out of This World, The Vegetarian Society, Compassion in World Farming and the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

Shopeco has a chemical free cleaning section where you can find everything you need to rid yourself of chemical based cleaning products. Their range of value packs will save you time, effort and money and will enable you to choose products based upon your cleaning needs.

So Organic stock a range of quality products for eco-friendly cleaning.